NRHI: Addressing the Need for Regional Leadership and Collaboration

Regional, rather than national leadership is key to payment reform demonstrations. That was one of the conclusions of the nearly one hundred participants from across the country who attended the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement's (NRHI) March 29, 2007, Summit on Creating Payment Systems to Accelerate Value-Driven Health Care. The overwhelming majority — 96% — agreed that regional demonstrations were the most desirable way to move forward, and that while participation by Medicare was desirable, it was not essential in order for regional payment demonstrations to be successful.

While payment demonstrations can and should be pursued at the regional level, this does not mean that payment reform should be a parochial enterprise. Medicine advances the state-of-the-art through local innovations that are supported, replicated, and evaluated nationally—the same is true of payment reform. The participants at the NRHI summit concluded that the most desirable way to pursue payment reform demonstrations was through regional collaboratives of payers and providers, working in a national network.

PRHI supports collaborative efforts among regional healthcare improvement organizations. PRHI is committed to pursuing the development and implementation of payment reform demonstrations in the Pittsburgh region. Payment reform is critical to achieving PRHI's other quality improvement goals. That's why it is a founding member of NRHI.

About NRHI

NRHI is the national membership association for Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives. NRHI works to support the efforts of Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives by:

  • Increasing the awareness of policy-makers and healthcare professionals about the key role that Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives play;
  • Providing technical assistance to Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives in addressing specific challenges they face;
  • Facilitating the ability of Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives to share the practical knowledge they develop in order to help all Collaboratives improve;
  • Assisting additional communities to establish Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives;
  • Encouraging the development and implementation of healthcare payment systems, benefit designs, and regulatory structures at the federal, state, and local levels which support improved population health and higher-value healthcare delivery systems; and
  • Advocating for national policies and programs that support the work of Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives.

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