Perfecting Patient Care℠ Lean Methodology

Our Lean Organizational Development curriculum features a healthcare process improvement methodology based upon Lean concepts, principles, and tools. Originally adapted from the Toyota Production System and Alcoa Business System, our methodology — Perfecting Patient CareSM — is designed to address the challenges healthcare organizations are facing today, including patient safety, staffing shortages, value-based reimbursement, rising costs, inefficiency, and suboptimal outcomes.

The Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative recognizes the importance of customizing learning experiences to each audience within organizational constraints of time and budget. To that end, we offer three levels of Lean Organizational Development. Since the goal of our curriculum is organizational/system development, we encourage enrollment of workplace teams and champions in a Lean Engagement.


Training sessions offer participants a thorough introduction to the core concepts and perspectives of Perfecting Patient Care℠, Lean organizational development. Principles are taught through explanation of concepts, review of examples, and collaborative learning activities. Participants will come away with an understanding of the systematic problem-solving methods used to create a Lean organization.

As part of a PPC Lean Engagement, coaching sessions are held both at worksites and through use of telephonic or video-conferencing services. We respect the need to avoid disruption of normal responsibilities in your workplace. Therefore, when possible, we strongly recommend spreading the sessions over several months to allow participants time to apply concepts in their workplace, and return to debrief experiences with our PRHI coaching team.

Contact: Jen Condel