Branches, the Jewish Healthcare Foundation's periodical, shares lessons learned and challenges overcome by grantees and Foundation programs. Each volume issues a specific call to action for healthcare quality and safety and offers practical, tested methods that can be replicated in communities across the country.

pdf A Moment in Time: How Western Pennsylvania Connected Thousands to Affordable, Qualified Health Insurance Options
pdf Cross-National Learning
pdf Perfecting Care and Work in Skilled Nursing
pdf Recognizing Healthcare Team Excellence at the Front Line
pdf Changing Our Expectations of Care at the End of Life
pdf JHF's Love Affair with Community Health Centers
pdf Nurse Navigators: Guides to Quality
pdf Health Careers Futures: Meeting the Needs of Workers and Employers
pdf Perfecting Patient Care Reaches Community-Based Organizations
pdf Nurse-Led Discovery: Saving Steps, Saving Patients
pdf Raising an Army: Recruiting Graduate Students to Advance Patient Safety
pdf Getting to Zero: Winning the War on Infection
pdf Perfecting Primary Care
pdf The Region's Health Workforce: Aligning Supply and Demand
pdf A Vision for Health Reform: The Role of the Department of Health
pdf Elderhostel Pittsburgh: Challenging the Assumptions
pdf Working Hearts®: Strong Women/Strong Hearts
pdf The Pittsburgh Perfecting Patient CareSM System: A New Design for Delivering Health
pdf Moving Toward the Ideal in Mental Health Services
pdf Secure Aging: The New Society