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Who We Are
The Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI) is one of the nation's first regional collaboratives of medical, business, and civic leaders organized to address healthcare safety and quality improvements. Since its founding in 1998, PRHI has approached quality improvement as both a social and a business imperative. Its core mission is to show that an unwavering focus on meeting patient needs, and on achieving optimal care outcomes, along with simultaneous dedication to efficiency and zero defects, will create maximum value for the patient and for society.

Advice for Keeping Students Safe Amid COVID-19 Outbreaks
Read the results from our survey from over 100 respondents in Pittsburgh offering COVID-19 solutions for universities.

Liftoff in Motion: Automating Patient Safety with Michael McShea
Watch our virtual talk on automating patient safety - hosted by Liftoff PGH and the Health Activist Network - with Michael McShea of the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.

A New Patient and Provider Safety Authority is a National Imperative
Learn more about the National Patient and Provider Safety Authority, our new solution for medical error.
What We Do

Partnership Initiatives

We partner with organizations in our community and across the nation to address quality improvement and patient safety.

Learning Networks

We educate, convene, and mobilize stakeholders to meet the changing needs of communities — from adolescents to those at the end of life.

Healthcare Workers

We train, coach, and connect professionals at all career levels to create a safer, higher-performing health system.

Organizations & Systems

We wire organizations for continuous quality improvement amid rapid changes in health delivery, policy, and technology.