Local graduate students and healthcare professionals have an opportunity to gain access to the outstanding local leaders who are shaping health practice, policy, and making discoveries.  Through the Jewish Healthcare Foundation's Feinstein Fellowships, students and professionals work and learn in multi-disciplinary teams to acquire a new appreciation of our local health system, while being challenged to think and perform at the frontier. Perfecting Patient CareSM, our flagship Lean methodology for health care, underpins each Fellowship.


Death & Dying Fellowship   (January-March)

This program prepares Fellows to deal with death, dying, and grieving families as it relates to their roles as healthcare professionals. Using JHF's "Closure" model, Fellows participate in six sessions (featuring faculty experts from the community and site visits to local healthcare facilities) that will help them confront key issues related to death and dying in a low-pressure environment, where they can process information and ask questions. In the final session, Fellows convert their lessons learned into an action plan for our community, and for their own careers and institutions.

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Patient Safety Fellowship   (June-July)

Fellows from interdisciplinary healthcare-related fields learn methods to continually improve healthcare safety, efficiency, and quality. At the core of the Fellowship is Perfecting Patient CareSM (PPC), PRHI's flagship process improvement methodology based on Lean manufacturing principles. During weekly, four-hour sessions, Fellows are exposed to core literature and key PPC principles and tools. They also have the opportunity to listen to and learn from local healthcare Fine Award champions who are actively engaged in applying quality improvement tools to advance patient care. Fellows will apply the PPC methodology in "real time" at a local healthcare facility represented by that year's Fine Award winners.

The Fine Awards recognize Western Pennsylvania healthcare professionals on the front lines working together as a team to improve patient care, safety, and efficiency. The Fine Awards is a partnership between the Jewish Healthcare Foundation and The Fine Foundation. Read more about the Fine Awards.

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Jonas Salk Fellowship   (September-November)

The Jonas Salk Health Activist Fellowship is an incubator for emerging health activists who want to move from making noise to identifying strategies and tactics for sustainable change. During the 9-week program, the Fellows will form action groups, develop skills to shape winning strategies, and prepare to advocate effectively around the health issue about which they are passionate. In addition to learning how to change policies, practices, and perspectives, the Fellows will also take action during the Fellowship and have the opportunity to pitch their idea at the Health Activist Expo. Whether you’re currently working and passionate about a health issue or have yet to begin and want to learn, this fellowship is for you.

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