Mark DeRubeis, MBA
CEO, Premier Medical Associates
David Blandino, MD
East Liberty Family Health Care Center
Jessica Brooks, MPM
CEO & Executive Director
Pittsburgh Business Group on Health
Rick Cancelliere
Founder and CEO
Senator Jay Costa
Pennsylvania Senate
Craig Esterly, MBA
Managing Partner
SD Asset Group
Jeremy Guttman, MA
CEO and Founder
Rebecca Jacobson, MD, MS
Vice President, Analytics
UPMC Enterprises
Vera Krekanova, PhD
Chief Research Officer
Allegheny Conference on Community Development
Ronald Poropatich, MD
Director, Center for Military Medicine Research
University of Pittsburgh, Center for Military Medicine Research
Neil Resnick, MD
Chair - Division of Geriatric Medicine
University of Pittsburgh and UPMC
Jay Srini, MBA, MS
Chief Strategist
SCS Ventures
Melissa Stephens Williamson
VP, Medical Policy & Clinical Transformation
Highmark, Inc.
Nicolas Vizzoca, MBA
Healthcare Council of Western PA
Ex Officio:
Debra L. Caplan, MPA
Karen Wolk Feinstein, PhD

JHF Representatives
Leah Binder, MA, MGA
Maria Kalevitch, PhD
Mark Kamlet, PhD
James B. Lieber, JD
Harry Litman, JD
Rema Padman, PhD
Daniel Pituch, MD, DMD
Roni Rosenfeld, PhD
Audrey Russo, MPA, BSW
Alan Andrew Scheller-Wolf, PhD
Rick Siger