Founded in 1998 as an operating arm of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation, the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI) is one of the nation's first regional collaboratives of medical, business, and civic leaders organized to address healthcare safety and quality improvement as a social and business imperative. PRHI has guided efforts to drastically reduce hospital-acquired infections, address the ongoing issue of medical error, bolster the healthcare workforce, and transform care delivery and payment through demonstration projects that smooth the transition for patients between medical and community settings, and integrate physical and behavioral health care.

We act as a neutral voice focused on Perfecting Patient CareSM (PPC) for patients, workers, and healthcare systems.

For the Patient, it is care that is kind, competent, customized, comprehensive, safe, and efficient; addressing the needs of patients, with a focus on vulnerable populations:

For the Healthcare Worker, it means that care is:

For Organizations and Systems, this focus includes:

A more thorough review of PRHI, JHF, HCF, and WHAMglobal programs is available through:

  • The Window newsletter (a monthly round-up of news, events, milestones, etc.)
  • ROOTS (a special-issue magazine that examines pressing healthcare topics)
  • Executive Summaries (share key learnings from PRHI demonstration projects, elucidate both challenges to and opportunities for improving health care, and explore the policy implications arising from both)
  • Videos (in order to connect you directly with the daily work of clinical champions, we've created a series of videos which highlight breakthroughs happening at the front line. In addition, JHF creates or underwrites videos showcasing the Foundation's work.)